Welcome to Near & Far Adventure!

We were inspired by a fellow traveler to challenge ourselves to do 12 trips in 12 months for 2018. Firstly, for self fulfillment; to travel more, to seek out adventure, and to spend more time living (and loving) life. Secondly, to inspire others to adventure more.  Our goal is to use points and miles for at least 80% of our travel expenses. I will be tracking the costs for each trip and sharing the results.  January was a big one for us: we spent three weeks in Europe (I am currently tallying the total points/miles used and will share that soon, along with my backpack-only packing list). But January is not the norm. We both work full-time jobs, and we definitely have a budget to follow. Some months will be as simple as a long weekend in the camper, exploring a state park with our two huskies. The goal is 12 new places in 12 months. To have 12 new experiences, big and small. To go on 12 new adventures, near and far.
I hope you will join us for the journey!